Better Diagnostic Information = Better Patient Management

The proprietary WaveSense targeted cell isolation and enrichment technology transforms non-invasive liquid biopsies into valuable data sources that enable enhanced diagnostic information.

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Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack

Our Prost8 test ...

Differentiates prostate cancer from BPH
Identifies false-negative biopsy results
Monitors your patients

Powered by the patented, FDA-listed WaveSense nanoparticle technology, Prost8 enables you to non-invasively assess your patient's status throughout the treatment process:

Elevated PSA

 Confirms Inflammation
 Confirms Malignancy
 Confirms BPH


 Identifies false-negative results


 Supports Non-Invasive Patient Monitoring

Easy For You... And Your Patient!

How It Works


Simply collect a urine specimen following a DRE/DRM.


Send the specimen to us along with the following information and we will report a result within 48 hours:

 PSA test results
 DRE Result
 Other Pertinent Clinical Information


Upon receipt of the specimen, we will use the WaveSense technology to capture, isolate and enrich the prostate cells and, using a range of molecular modalities, our Prost8 test will:

 Rule in/rule out prostatitis/infammation
 Use FISH to Detect Malignancy and Pre-Malignancy
 Confirm BPH

how it work

 Any patient with increase in PSA and/or prostatitis.

 Patients not receiving treatment influencing PSA level.

 Patients who have not received a prostate massage within 24 hours of sample collection.

 Patients who have not ejaculated within 24 hours of sample collection.

 Patients receiving any cancer related therapy.

 Patients who have received a prostatectomy.