Evaluation of Prostate Cancers

What is Prostate Cancer? How Can SunCoast Pathology Help?


This test is performed on select exons for the genes listed unless another method is noted: AKT1, ATF4, BIRC5, CD24, CSK2, CYP19A1, EGFR, ESR1, FZD1, FZD2, FZD7, FZD9, H2AFZ, HDAC1, HSPB1, ID1, IFITM1, JUN, MDM2, MMP-11, MYC, PKM2, PTEN, P53, RAC1, RAP1A, RHOC, RRM2, SFN, SNAI2, TGFB1, YBX1, YWHAZ, TMPRSS2-ERG FISH, and NKX3.1 FISH, PTEN FISH.

The above panel also screens for the effectiveness of the following medications: Leuproide, Goserelin, Triptorelin, Flutamide.