SunCoast Pathology Associates, Inc


SunCoast Pathology Associates strives to provide affordable access to testing, because physicians, patients and their families use test results to make life saving medical decisions. We understand that your physician considers many factors in their decision to select various tests for your care.

SunCoast Pathology Associates bills insurance plans directly on behalf of insured patients. We make billing as flexible as possible by providing many different payment options to our patients. We strive to provide the most reasonable fees for our cutting edge and individualized testing. Depending on the arrangement your health insurance has with us, you may or may not receive a bill from SunCoast for part or all of the services performed by us. We do our best to obtain reimbursement from insurers without contacting you.

Some of the circumstances that can result in your receiving a bill from us are:

  •  Your health insurance requires you to pay a co-payment, co-insurance, your deductible and/or non covered services. (If a claim is denied on first review, our billing team will assist in appealing this denial with input from the patients' authorized health care provider.)

  •  You have Medicare and are responsible for a co-insurance or deductible.

  •  You have Medicare and have signed an ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice). In this case you may owe the difference in what Medicare paid and what they set as the cost of the test.

Our Billing Department is here to assist patients and authorized healthcare providers with any billing or reimbursement issues. SunCoast Pathology Associates strives to provide lower price testing than our competitors and encourages your questions on our pricing. Please contact us any time.

Payment Options:

If you receive a SunCoast Pathology Statement, there are several options for payment:

  •  Check or Money Order

  •  Credit or Debit Card

  •  SunCoast Pathology also provides a payment program for patients with unmet deductibles, financial difficulties and a payment program for uninsured and underinsured patient.

*In selecting our services, we require a signed ABN. Please print and sign the ABN below and send to:

  •  Phone: (321) 610-7379
  •  Fax: (321) 253- 5199
  •  E-Mail:
  •  Mail: SunCoast Pathology Associates
                   3030 Venture Ln. Ste.108
                   Melbourne, FL 32934

Our services cannot be performed without a signed ABN.
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